About Jenna

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Hi I'm Jenna and I'm super excited that you're here!

I’m a transformational coach, motivational speaker, and inspirational writer. But let’s get real about what that means – I’m a hacker who cuts through the bullshit beliefs and programming of the mind that tells us we’re not good enough in order to bring us back to our soul to live the life we are meant to live.

As a child I was diagnosed with Depression disorder, Anxiety, ADD, ADHD, OCD, and Dyslexia. I was told over and over again while growing up that I wouldn’t experience happiness without medication. I journeyed through the darkest corners of my soul to find the light that was there all along and now I ignite and illuminate the path for my fellow soul sisters and brothers.

  • I motivate people to get past fear and live in the light of love.
  • I inspire people to bring their best selves into our shared world.
  • I teach people how to live their ultimate fulfilled life, while helping to heal them from the past, find love for themselves in the present, and empower themselves for the future.
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I am dedicated and devoted to my mission.

With a hunger to learn and integrate healing modalities from all across our globe, I traveled to over 30 countries. Even backpacking through South America alone indulging in the deep native roots of transformation amongst the indigenous shamans of the amazon jungle. My quest for knowledge and techniques for ultimate self growth led me to study with some of the leading spiritual and personal development teachers of our age.

After graduating from Cornell University, yoga and life coaching training called to me next. So I followed my gut and discovered that my passion fueled the flames of my purpose. I have integrated into my coaching many mystic teachings from the east and the west. My education, client experience, and personal story make me a well-rounded healer and teacher.

“I dream of a world where there is no suffering. A world where we are all free to live and be our best selves. All of my work is dedicated to this goal.”

- Jenna Galbut

I live from my heart. I deliver messages of mindfulness and plant seeds of motivation to take you from where you are to where you want to be. You deserve to be happy, loved, successful, and fulfilled. I’m here to help.