About Jenna

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Hi I'm Jenna.

I’m committed to ending the cycle of trauma, abuse, and dysfunction in the millennial generation. I believe it’s not only possible but it is our birthright to bring about a new era of free, functional, fulfilling, and joyful living for us and the generations to come.

I’m a Psycho-Spiritual Educator, Writer, Speaker, Transformation Guide, Self Growth Facilitator, Personal Journey Mentor, & Activist.

I aim to make psychology digestible, spirituality practical, and personal growth fun, sexy, and accessible for everyone. All while providing people with the tools and skill sets to live more meaningful lives.

After healing my lifelong depression at twenty I knew it was scientifically possible to change our brains and change our lives and I was determined to find out how. So I studied Philosophy, Psychology, and Neurology, and Film at Cornell University.

With a ravenous hunger to learn and integrate healing modalities from all across our globe, I traveled to over 30 countries in search of answers. Even backpacking through South America alone indulging in the deep native roots of transformation amongst the indigenous shamans of the Amazon jungle. My quest for knowledge and techniques for ultimate self growth led me to study with some of the leading spiritual teachers and personal development experts of our age.

I have integrated into my coaching practice many scientifically backed methods and mystic teachings from the east and west. My education, client experience, and personal story make me a well-rounded healer and teacher.

I run events, workshops, retreats, and do private sessions designed to lead people to a breakthrough.

When I’m not attempting to change culture in the western world for the better you can find me: frolicking in a field with my husky Zahav, doing something creative, packing a backpack & hopping on a plane to a different country within 24 hours notice, at a meditation retreat or psychology conference, singing my heart out at a concert or while driving in my jeep, getting turned on by honesty & self awareness, painting an elaborate scene of two ducks in a warm embrace, holding a basket of jams and marmalades at a farmers market, sucked into a YouTube quantum physics documentary vortex, discussing the meaning of life, or dancing naked & howling in a moonlit glen.

I am #NotYoMommasTherapist #NotYourAverageLifeCoach #NotThatNewAgeWooWooGuru

I live what I teach. I have personally struggled, been down many dark nights of the soul, healed myself, and facilitated others to do the same. This work is deeply meaningful to me and I love sharing it with people who believe in the positive shift we can create on a personal and universal level.

We can live better lives now. We can be free, functional, fulfilled, with love, and in joy.

We can break the painful patterns of the past, step into an empowered present, and create a purposeful future.

I built a mindful online community who believe in this mission.

We are being true to who we really are, positively transforming the paradigm of living in the western world, and creating a brighter future for the generations to come, together.